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About us

Myls banquetes – professional catering services
for any occasion!

  • Maybe you are
    organising a company party,
    and you are looking
    for something new?
  • Maybe an official reception
    is scheduled, which requires
    competence in formal
    table setting?
  • Or, perhaps, You have
    always dreamed of a
    wedding in a large garden
    with apple trees, yet you
    are concerned about the
    catering of the guests?
  • Do you wish to share
    the great company
    performance with your
    colleagues and 
    shareholders, so you
    arelooking for some
    exceptional tastes for
    such occasion?
  • Are you planning a
    birthday party, a child’s
    christening party or a
    family event with lots
    of friends, but you can’t
    imagine spending
    most of your time
    in the kitchen?
  • Or maybe you are
    preparing for a family
    meeting with some
    relatives you have not
    seen for a long time,
    however no one seems
    to be interested in
    being the chef?

All of this requires the work of experienced and recognised food preparation professionals, qualified and obliging staff, creative and stylish table setting. We are prepared for any occasion, anything from a modest family gathering or a coffee break at a conference to the annual meeting of foreign partners of the company. Each and every customer is precious to us, so we prepare just as diligently for both the gathering of 10 persons, and that of 500 persons.

Why cooperate with us?

  • Experience of many years in organising receptions of international companies or any other formal receptions as well as company or family events.
  • Fresh and aesthetic-looking high quality dishes
  • Delivery of food to the venue of the event
  • Professional service
  • Table setting and decoration for theme parties
  • Big selection of dishes, including the opportunity to choose not only usual meals, but also vegetarian or individual menu

We are also able to offer catering consisting of ecologic dishes. We are the holder of the Certificate of the Use of Ecologic Products in Providing Public Catering Services, which is issued by the Public Institution “Ekoagros”.


The Team for Creating the Taste

Every dish describes not only the creativity of the person that prepares it, but also the work of the entire catering system, which is as precise as a clock and is based on the love and respect for food, the knowledge and, primarily, the responsibility towards the customer.

It is imperative that the people responsible for the creation process of the dish are constantly eager to find something new, take interest in the research of catering specialists, go hand in hand with the latest technologies and setting trends, and, at the same time, always refer to the long time-proven experience.

The creative group of “Myls banquetes” consists of professional technologists and production managers with long work experience in the catering sector. Furthermore, we regularly invite renowned consultants to join the team, and collaborate with dieticians as well as the specialists of the Public Health Centre and other specialists of the catering field.



for companies and organisations.

Food delivery in

during the course of seminars,
training courses or lectures.

Private and family

by event management specialists



Our customers





Please contact us. We will present you with an individual offer that suits your specific requirements, after we evaluate the desired venue of the party, assortment, service and other important factors.

„Myls banquet“
Mobile.: + 370 685 72 320,
+370 699 57 561